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In the event of us trying to find ourselves musically, this collection was born; a culmination of our early days in John's bedroom between March and June 2014.

John Seth - Vocals, Guitar
Skye MacInnes - Guitar
Keenan Oakes - Bass
Peter Scott - Drums


released June 12, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Sakawa Boys
All lyrics by John Seth
Tracked in John's bedroom at various times in 2014
Mixed and mastered by Tutti Espi
Pool photo by John Seth
Design by Rouleaux van der Merwe
Photography by Katinka Bester




Sakawa Boys Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: Sakawa
You know the rules only change when you see my face
The power is out but your eyes seem hungry again

I only do all these things just to get along
Profit from tears on your keyboard, but you’re still my friend

Only moves like papers in the wind
Cold comfort still holds you down in the end

You know she said
She hungers for natural magic
I said slow down
Oh please don't be upset

And it's the same funny story I always tell
A casual smile and a bite of the lip at the end
Track Name: Emotional Young Men
I’m outside
Would you stop talking?
The sound of your voice as it meets the sea

I know
I said it’d be different
Well I’m just indifferent when you’re in front of me

You said that time will pull us apart
And you can take away the light from the dark
But you can’t

I'm bone dry
Siren's screaming
Shipwreck sleeping
I'm further out to sea
Track Name: I don't want to teach English in South Korea
Evening lightness
Betrays her likeness
And I can't fight it
And you can't hide it


And I'm so excited
But I'm also scared
Well I'm so sorry brightness
But it's got me in a tight fist

It goes


Evening lightness
Betrays our violence
The other boys won't like it
And I can't hide it


And I'm so excited
But I'm also scared
See I'm so sorry brightness
But it's got me in a tight fist
Track Name: Don't be a Stranger
Only when our eyes meet
I’ve been waiting
But the price is so steep
When the days creep
I nudge nearly
But the static shock
It won’t let me go

Go arm in arm
Under that faceless charm
Keep yourself from harm
Beyond the flames love
And there were lies before
But baby those were sticks and straw
No sense in howling out
It keeps me chained to the floor


Major reconstruction
Some kind of overhaul
It isn’t anybody’s fault
That’s quite enough
Our patrons wish you luck
Don’t be a stranger
Don’t be a stranger

Don’t be
Don’t be a stranger
Just be
Be the one I remember

The one I remember